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Welcome to the Probate Online Application Form.

This system is designed to assist you to prepare an application for a grant of probate where the circumstances surrounding the application are not complex.  Please read the information in the Wills & Probate section of the Supreme Court website before completing the online application. 

The Online Application Form may not be suitable for applications where:

  • There is no will or the will cannot be located;
  • The will is not the original, that is, only a copy of the will can be found;
  • You are not an executor named in the will;
  • The will is not signed and witnessed; or
  • The deceased had no assets in Western Australia.

If the above considerations are relevant to your application it is suggested that you seek independent advice from a lawyer.  Legal restrictions prevent officers of the Supreme Court and the Probate Office from providing legal advice to you. 

The Probate Online Application Form takes you through a series of questions and uses your answers to prepare a Probate Application. 

It is then necessary for you to:

  1. Print the form;
  2. Sign the form and have your signature witnessed;
  3. Lodge the form and the supporting documents at the Supreme Court and pay the fee.

The Supreme Court will then process your application which may take 3-6 weeks.  However, in dealing with your application, the Court may write to you seeking further information (this process is called issuing requisitions).  Your application cannot be progressed until you have provided the Court with all the information sought.

How to use the system

Each page of the Online Application looks like the one you are reading now. Information about each question is shown on the lower half of each screen.

Ready to move to the next question? - When you have completed a question, click on the button labelled "Next" on the bottom of the screen to move to the next question.

Want to review or amend earlier questions and answers? - Click on the "Back" button on the bottom of the screen (not your browsers back button). You can go back and forth through the screens. The system will retain the information you have entered, and will show you a summary at the end.

Need time to collect information? The system will keep your information as long as you leave the form window open and have an active Internet connection. If you close the window your information will be lost. You can also save your information and retrieve it later. To do this click on the "Save Application" button. This will require you to register. After you lodge your application, you can return to your saved document and amend it if required. Your data will be kept for a period of 60 days after being saved, after which it will be automatically deleted.

What happens after you lodge an application?  The Probate Office will examine your application.  You should note that after you lodge your application you may receive a requisition for more information.

Proceeding from this page does not commit or oblige you to commence an application. The process is very simple. You can use it to prepare your application (affidavit, motion and statement) according to the rules of the Court.

Probate Process