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The daily court lists for: 16 December 2017

Please note that some court listings will not be publically displayed due to legislative requirements and/or court requirements.

Tribunal hearings and directions are open to the public, however, compulsory conferences and mediation sittings are closed.

The Courts are open to the Public.

If you can't find your court listing for today, please contact the relevant court.

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Magistrates Court
Bunbury Courthouse
3 Stephen Street, BUNBURY
Criminal Listing
10:00 STREETER, Gareth Lewis Court Room 1
10:00 WALDEN, Anthony John Court Room 1

No Civil Listing for Today.

Geraldton Courthouse
15 Marine Terrace, GERALDTON
Criminal Listing
10:00 LITTLE, Graham Anthony Courtroom 3

No Civil Listing for Today.

Kununurra Courthouse
94 Coolibah Drive, KUNUNURRA
Criminal Listing
09:00 HECTOR, James David Court Room 1
09:00 MENMUIR, Samantha Lee Court Room 1

No Civil Listing for Today.

Perth Police Centre
2 Fitzgerald St, NORTHBRIDGE
Criminal Listing
10:00 ALI, Mohamed Ahmed Court Room
10:00 ALJUNIED, Syed Iskandar Court Room
10:00 ANASTASIO, Giuseppe Court Room
10:00 BAIN, David Samuel Court Room
10:00 DICK, Rickesha Joyce Court Room
10:00 FARAGHER, Scott Anthony Court Room
10:00 GARGARO, Domenico Salvatore Court Room
10:00 GARLETT, Jolene Michelle Court Room
10:00 GOK, Cengiz Han Court Room
10:00 GREEN, Jamie Alan Court Room
10:00 HARRIS, Sydney Joseph Court Room
10:00 JONES, Daniel Louis Court Room
10:00 PASH, Jeremy George Court Room
10:00 PENNY, Telisha Jade Court Room
10:00 VAN BOXTEL, Francis Ivan James Court Room
10:00 WALTERS, Leong Jin Court Room

No Civil Listing for Today.

South Hedland Courthouse
Justice Complex, Hawke Place, SOUTH HEDLAND
Criminal Listing
09:00 COFFIN, Michael James Courtroom 1
09:00 NJANA, Alec James Courtroom 1

No Civil Listing for Today.

Children's Court
Karratha Courthouse
Balmoral Road, KARRATHA
Criminal Listing

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No Civil Listing for Today.

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