eCourts Portal of Western Australia - Help: Lodge/Manage Cases

This is for prosecuting authorities to register, manage and withdraw court fines and infringements with the Fines Enforcement Registry. It contains the following functions:

  • Lodge an Infringement File – the ability to upload an Unpaid Infringement (UIN file) for lodgement with the Fines Enforcement Registry. 
  • Lodge an Infringement (Manual) – a new facility enabling a prosecuting officer to manually enter infringement details online, directly registering the infringement with the Fines Enforcement Registry, without the need to create a UIN file. Refer to section 4 for details on the UIN format. 
  • View the Status of a Lodgement Batch – an ability to search for UIN files or individual infringements that have been lodged and see whether they have been registered. This search facility is also used to retrieve enforcement files, error reports and invoices for a specific lodgement batch. 
  • Retrieve Enforcement Files – from here you can download an enforcement (ENF) file containing the FER case numbers for each infringement successfully registered with the Fines Enforcement Registry. Refer to section 5 for further details. 
  • Retrieve Error Reports – you will also be able to download an error report containing details of those infringements which could not be registered and the reason/s why. See section 6 for details. 
  • Retrieve Invoices – On lodging infringements, for those that are successfully registered the registration costs will be calculated and an invoice created for each lodgement batch. This will show the amount that will be debited from the elected account via direct debit. These invoices will be able to be retrieved and downloaded along with the corresponding Enforcement Files. 
  • Search for a Case - the ability to search for any case (infringements or court fines) that are with the Fines Enforcement Registry for enforcement and view its current status. 
  • Withdraw an Infringement – A prosecuting officer will be able to withdraw an infringement from the Fines Enforcement Registry via the portal or electronically. Refer to section 8 for details. 
  • Retrieve Write-off Reports – Write off reports will be distributed via the portal. 
  • Retrieve Payment Files – Payment (PMT) files will be available for download from the portal.  

For more information, prosecuting authorities should contact the Fines Enforcement Registry.