eCourts Portal of Western Australia - Help: Search for Civil Matters/Files

My Current Matters

All your matters, or all your organisation’s matters, (that have not yet been completed) are shown by default on the My Current Matters page. To find your matters that have been completed there is an option in this page called Search All My Matters.

01. After logging in click on My Current Matters.

All your current matters are displayed. They are grouped into the different jurisdictions.

From here you can click:

  • View to display the matter details (this is only available on some civil matters/files). For more information on viewing matters/files see the help card Search for and View a Civil Matter File.
  • Lodge to commence the lodgement of a document onto a particular matter. For more information on lodging non-originating documents see the help card Lodge a Non-Originating Document.

Click here for the help card.