Notice of Residential Tenancy Applications

Notice of Applications for Bond Disposal

Take notice that the Respondents listed below are hereby given notice of an Application for Disposal of Security Bond.

Respondents are invited to file a notice of dispute to the Application by filing a notice in the prescribed form in the office of the Clerk of the Magistrates Court as listed below. This notice of dispute must be filed within seven (7) days of publication of this notice otherwise the Court may order the bond to be paid in accordance with the application.

No bond disposal applications found for the current search criteria.
Notice of Applications for Residential Tenancy Court Order

These persons are notified of the hearing of applications to the Magistrate for orders as follows: termination of tenancy, possession of premises, payment of arrears of rent, outstanding water charges, damages, cleaning, costs and disposal of bond. For particulars of action please contact the appropriate court.

No court order applications found for the current search criteria.