Court Listings for 7 December 2019

Please note that some court listings will not be publically displayed due to legislative requirements and/or court requirements.

Tribunal hearings and directions are open to the public, however, compulsory conferences and mediation sittings are closed.

The Courts are open to the Public.

If you can't find your court listing for today, please contact the relevant court.

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Magistrates Court
Albany Justice Complex
184 Stirling Terrace, ALBANY
Criminal Listing
9:00am BARRINGTON, David Court Room 3
9:00am VAN DER LAAN, Kareece June Court Room 3

No Civil Listing for Today.

Broome Courthouse
Hamersley Street, BROOME
Criminal Listing
9:00am HUNTER, Ricky Andrew Philip Court Room 2
9:00am MICK, James Billy Court Room 2

No Civil Listing for Today.

Esperance Courthouse
100 Dempster Street, ESPERANCE
Criminal Listing
9:00am JONES, Jacob Carl Courtroom

No Civil Listing for Today.

Geraldton Courthouse
15 Marine Terrace, GERALDTON
Criminal Listing
9:00am HAMLETT, David Vincent Courtroom 3

No Civil Listing for Today.

Perth Police Centre
2 Fitzgerald St, NORTHBRIDGE
Criminal Listing
10:00am BOLIN, Dylan Antony Court Room
10:00am DAVIS, Suzzanne Denise Court Room
10:00am DIXON, Fiona Elaine Court Room
10:00am FORBES, Laemin Charles Chisolm Court Room
10:00am HANSEN, Sharon Natalie Court Room
10:00am KICKETT, Renata Rose Court Room
10:00am LIADOW, Dylan Mark Court Room
10:00am LUONG, Van Son Court Room
10:00am MICHAELS, Aaron Jay Court Room
10:00am PEARCE, Sonner Michael Court Room
10:00am PENNY, Matthew John Rutherford Court Room
10:00am SARROS, Swithrios Sam Court Room
10:00am SHOOK, Keira Ashlee Court Room
10:00am STAVELEY, Charles Gordon Court Room
10:00am THORNE, Kimberley Court Room
10:00am VO, Thi T Court Room

No Civil Listing for Today.

Children's Court
Children's Court
160 Pier Street, PERTH
Criminal Listing

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No Civil Listing for Today.

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