Court Listings for 12 July 2020

Please note that some court listings will not be publically displayed due to legislative requirements and/or court requirements.

Tribunal hearings and directions are open to the public, however, compulsory conferences and mediation sittings are closed.

The Courts are open to the Public.

If you can't find your court listing for today, please contact the relevant court.

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Magistrates Court
Perth Police Centre
2 Fitzgerald St, NORTHBRIDGE
Criminal Listing
10:00am BENNELL, Rose Kyanne Court Room
10:00am BULMAN, Adam Charles Court Room
10:00am HANCOX, Nicholas David Court Room
10:00am HEATH, Shannon Padraig Court Room
10:00am KUHN, Ella Casey Court Room
10:00am MILLER, Petrina Lee Court Room
10:00am MUSTAFA, John Court Room
10:00am MYBURGH, Morne Alwyn Court Room
10:00am NEWTON, Rodney Peter Nathan Court Room
10:00am ROSS, Christian Anthony Court Room

Civil Listing
Northbridge Court
10:00am WAPOL v ISAACS GEN 8114 2020 Court Room

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