eCourts Portal of Western Australia - Help: eLodgment

View Lodged Document Batches

01. From the eLodgment home page click Manage Lodgments

The Manage Lodgments screen displays.

Any pending (unlodged) documents/batches display at the top.

02. Scroll down to the Lodged section.

Today’s date appears in the From and To fields be default.

03. If the batch was not lodged today, then enter the date that the batch was lodged into the From and To fields.

To search for a batch lodged on a particular day ensure the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates are the same. 

Whilst you can search for any batch ever lodged by yourself/your organisation the search is limited to a 4-week date range (i.e. any date(s) up to 4-week period). 

04. Click the Search button.

The batch is displayed in the search results list.

05. Click on the View Batch button within that batch’s row.

The batch is displayed.